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Spiritual Assassins

Deuteronomy 5:20 (KJV) “Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

Spiritual assassins. What does this mean? My grandfather used to have a saying, “If you’re not an eyewitness, then you’re a false witness“! In hearing this, I understood this to mean that if you did not physically see someone commit an act or actually hear someone utter a word, then you cannot stand as a witness against them. Your testimony would be inconclusive and unsubstantiated.

Every person has a right to an opportunity to have proper representation when spiritual assassins question his or her character. Once we determine that they are at fault and are guilty based on the submitted evidence, then we must hold them accountable for the act. However, if we hold someone accountable for an act in which they did not participate based upon our claims, then God will hold us accountable for being a false witness.

Justice For All?

This abuses the proper functions of the judicial system whereby we have Godly laws and principles to govern our everyday words and behaviors. It introduces additional chaos and disorder into an already prevalent chaotic and disorderly community. Such should not be the case within the Christian community, but unfortunately, it is.

To violate one of the Ten Commandments is to violate all of them. God constructed them in such a way that the violation of one causes a domino-like effect as the situation continues to unfold. In addition to the falsely accused feeling the negative effects of the indictment of the spiritual assassins, eventually, each member within the community feels the effects of such an indictment.


When we attack another maliciously, we are, in essence, attacking ourselves. The interconnectedness of the Body of Christ is held together and sustained by the love of Christ for His bride. We abuse this love by engaging in such activity against one another. We have to get it right…

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