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Somebody’s Watching You: A Kingdom Online Commentary

Deuteronomy 32:7 (KJV) Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders and they will tell thee.

Tradition is an important part of family life. The riches within the stories of times past provide a link that connects the present generation with the lives of their ancestors from the the days of old. These stories inform the younger generation of the triumphs and the shortcomings of family members they will never meet, but share a commonality. These stories help to explain much of what is occurring within the family in the this contemporary context and provide lessons to guide the younger generation onto a path different from the painful trail of tears experienced by their predecessors.

This is the lesson that the Lord is using Moses to teach to the children of Israel before his death. The purpose is to teach the younger generation how to live in a community and how to live purposefully in a covenant relationship with God. Some of the stories speak of the victories of the older generation; however, others speak of the numerous times the older generation fell short of pleasing God because of disobedience and doubt.

It is important to leave a legacy of not only positive living but more importantly of a Godly living that leads to a Godly heritage and inheritance for our future generations. They should be able to reach out and pick up the Godly crumbs we have for left on the path before them. They should be able to reach back and connect with us and continue to live Godly lives because of the examples we have left for them. There is nothing more important nor more valuable than leaving behind a Godly, family legacy that would influence our future generations to make an informed, conscious decision to follow hard after God more intentionally than we have done.

Are we leaving behind a Godly legacy, or will the light of our lives shine dimly and not lead our future generations onto the path that leads to intentionally living for God (Prov. 22:6)?

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