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Yes, God Is Real – A Kingdom Online Commentary

Joshua 3:11 (KJV) Behold, the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth passeth over before you into Jordan.

The phrase, “God of all the earth“, takes on new meaning to the hearer when it is considered in terms of “ownership“, “possession“, “dominion“, and “authority“. But it also presents the connotation of “relationship“. In this context, it is presented in the sense of the relationship between the Creator and His creation. Not just the inanimate portion of creation, but the animate portion as well…namely all of humanity.

What is the importance of this relationship between the Creator and the creation? The phrase, “God of all the earth“, also speaks to the Sovereign Authority and Dominion of the God Who is Owner and Possessor of everything. Why does He possess this Sovereign right to all that exists? Because He is the Maker of everything and sustains it all by the Word of His power.

Out of every deity named under Heaven, this Deity exists. Not only does He exist, but He engages and interacts with His creation. Regardless of whether His creation chooses to reciprocate (specifically humanity) does not negate His existence. It further proves His existence because we cannot provide evidence against something unless it exists. As a result, this line of thinking moves from the so-called claims of empirical objectivity to true subjectivity and it simply does not work.

Overall, it does not matter whether we choose to accept God’s Sovereign right to rule and claim ownership of all creation. It is an undisputed reality that does not cease to exist because we choose not to embrace it. It continues to be a universal reality that can only be accepted by the power of God’s Holy Spirit removing the veil from our eyes and minds to provide illumination and understanding.

Where do you stand in terms of agreement with the undeniable relationship between the Creator and His creation? I choose to acknowledge and believe in its reality…

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