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Transformed For A Purpose

Deuteronomy 30:14 (KJV) But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it.

For some, living according to Kingdom principles is a tedious task and almost impossible. However, the author of our Scriptural text for today is saying otherwise. The author is saying that living according to God’s Kingdom principles is relatively easy to do. How so?

Why Is This Important To Us?

In like manner with anything else, the more time we invest in studying and learning (as well as, having a willingness to be taught) the Word, the more it begins to transform us from the inside out. The transformation will be seen in how we approach our relationships with God and others as those relationships are transformed. It will also be seen in how we treat ourselves. In essence, the Word becomes a part of our lives and begins to define who we are, if applied correctly.

Although it may not be popular in today’s culture, embracing the Word of God will begin to change us from the inside out and make Kingdom living our primary focus in life.

The transforming power of God’s Word makes living out His Kingdom principles easy. It is the old nature that we contend with daily which complicates the matter. It is not some rigid form of legalism as some may have perceived and proclaimed. It sets us free to choose between attaining and living the abundant life promised by our Lord and choosing the alternative of death (existing apart from Him, both physically and spiritually). It opens our understanding whereby we can make this informed decision without anything blocking our ability to choose except ourselves.


The Lord has removed all possible excuses for our inability to live in alignment with His principles for life by providing the prescription for the problem in advance. We, however, must be willing to become a willing participant in the process. Christ has done the hardest part by giving Himself on our behalf. We may have to face the scrutiny and ostracism of others, but it will never compare to the humiliation that Christ has suffered to bring this great opportunity to us…just a thought…

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