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An Introduction To The Kingdom

How many times have we denied Christ with our words and actions? All because we do not want to appear as though we do not fit in with the crowd. We allow our natural desire for acceptance to overshadow the fact that we were called out of the world. Yet, the conviction of the Holy Spirit within betrays us. It exposes our true identities to others. We are easily recognized as ones having “been with Christ”. So what do we do?

As long as we have been accepted by God and into His family, we will never be comfortable with the lifestyle choices of the world. This is a truth that we must come to understand and embrace. However, God surrounds us with support from other believers. His Word encourages us to cultivate and nurture relationships within His family that will benefit the entire family.

We all need the support of other Believers to help us stand strong when faced with adversity and rejection from the world.

We will never be alone because we will always have a place within His family. How do we know this? Because Jesus promised to prepare a place for us in our Heavenly Father’s house (Jn. 14:2). We know that His promises are sure. We can stand firm upon them without any concern for His reliability. For this reason, we do not need to fear what man can do unto us for acknowledging Christ (Ps. 27; Mt. 10:27-28).

Welcome to The Kingdom!

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6 thoughts on “An Introduction To The Kingdom
  1. Having the body of Christ for support is a huge blessing. We do need one another. Welcome to the blogging community! 🤗

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